NASA-LLIS-5377 : Lessons Learned – Human Factors and the Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Employee Motivation and Recognition Program

سازمان: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

سال: 2012

زبان: English

قیمت: 7500 تومان


Although the term "human factors" was not widely used during the Apollo program, the concepts were well defined, especially for the displays and controls requirements for the spacecraft. There was a significant emphasis on 0-G (zero gravity) human factor design and testing of the interfaces that dealt with the flight crew, leading to a well-designed interface for the crew.
Ground Support Equipment (GSE) safety and other areas dealing with the 1-G operations were important but were not maximized through formal human factors principles. To mitigate risk during ground processing, the Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Program (currently the SFA Employee Motivation and Recognition Program) was originated during the Mercury Program and has continued through all human space projects to date.