ACI 233R : Slag Cement in Concrete and Morta

سازمان: ACI - American Concrete Institute

کلید واژه: blast-furnace slag , cementitious material , concrete , granulated blast-furnace slag , hydraulic cement , mixture proportion , mortar , portland cement , slag cement , specification

سال: 2011

زبان: English

قیمت: 15000 تومان

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Scope and objective
The objective of this report is to compile and present experiences in research and field use of slag cement in concrete and mortar, and to offer guidance in its specification, proportioning, and use. Presented is a detailed discussion of the composition and production of slag cement, its use, and its effects on the properties of concrete and mortar.
Slag from the production of metals other than iron differs greatly in composition and is not within the scope of this report.