eboox.club is your source for the T H Hill DS-1® standard

T H Hill provides a dedicated source for QA/QC services, engineering, and training with the goal of reducing the risks of equipment failure and consequential non-productive time (NPT) in drilling and completions operations

The Engineers at T H Hill have developed their expertise from thousands of analyses, equipping them to optimize the structural design of your drill string no matter the conditions. Their comprehensive models have been enhanced by customer feedback resulting in concise and practical recommendations validated by experience. Customers benefit from fewer downhole tool failures and unexpected trips

T H Hill established the DS-1® in 1992 to provide an industry standard for drill string inspection and design. Since its inception an industry sponsorship committee comprised of operators and service companies has guided the further development of the standard. The Standard DS-1 Fourth Edition was released in 2012 and includes detailed recommendations for drilling tubular product specification, drill stem design and operation, drill stem inspection, and drilling specialty tools

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